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Lord Dralnu Mordigen

Lord Dralnu Mordigen Baron of Nahlistan.

Lord Dralnu is the only known heir to the Barony of Nahlistan. His father, Lord Vin Mordigen, had a troubled and turbulent rule preceding Dralnu's. Shortly before Lord Vin Mordigen killed himself, he informed his few close friends that he had an heir and where to find him. Lord Mordigen's friend Druger was made regent until the arrivle of Vin's son Dralnu. Once there, Druger was to hand the sword of Nahlistan, the symbol of the baron of Nahlistan, to Dralnu reliquishing himself of the land.

After lord Vin's untimely death, Dralnu arrived in Nahlistan to claim his birth right. Druger did not hand over the barony to Dralnu until after the Crown Tournemen where Druger fielded a team in support for the baron to be's claim to the thrown of Simila. Druger, in spite of his efforts, was unable to succeed and the title of Crown Prince was bestowed upon the Baron of Valahn, Lord Arxis Da’rtangon. After the Crown, Druger handed over the sword of Nahlistan with honor to the barony's current ruler, Lord Dralnu Mordigen.

Since recieving the sword, Dralnu has worked closely with his late father's friend, Lord Solvo Ter'ak of AEbin. Together the pussed the political policy of the New Blood Alliance, a move that was unpopular in Valahn and Ju'sem. The policys of Lord's Dralnu and Solvo proved time and time again to somehow favor the highly religious Similan people straining the neutral stance of the new Lord Malro of Valahn and the more Star Alliance stance of Baroness, Queen Ilkana of Ju'sem and Shimabora. As Lord Solvo's popularity grew, he managed to convice Lord Malro side with his want to persure war with Empire of Coastaar whom had, not two year prior, attmpted to kill Lord, now King, Arxis in Valahn. With Lord Dralnu and Lord Malro's support, King Arxis granted permisions for the Baronys of Nahlistan and AEben to sent forces to West Coastaar where they would participate in a war between New Blood Beckorone and the Empire of Coastaar.



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