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Alonis has changed hands a few times in recent years.  Under its new leadership, Sovlo, the land is fast becoming a mecha for industrialization. 



Solvo Regent of Alonis

Solvo came to Idaris with Sir Celest when Sir Dark was uniting the provences.  As her supporter, Solvo was invited to the provence of Alonis the provences were officialy united and Sir Celest was granted her own.  After Celest's marraige she left the provence in Maetsyn's hands.  Maetsyn withdrew from public life until the provence began to errod.  Seeing this, Prince K placed Solvo in the Regent's possition.   


Sgt. Maetsyn Onedea of the Star Alliance, Ex-regent of Alonis

Mae was the High Mage of Blackwood for a time.  Maetsyn started his life in the Realms as representative of the Star Alliance of Arkendrose.  The gate to Arkendrose is just north of the SouthernWastes town of CrestGrath.  There, Mae met Dagger Arkenstone, the town's mayor and the two, along with others, started out from there on several seasons of adventuring.  It was Maetsyn who gained a fondnes for the Idarins and later the reason Celest, Dagger, Rayne, and he joined.  Maetyn's skills in understanding magic earned him the title of High Mage after Lord Valis's death. 

Maetsyn's close friendship with Sir Celest placed him next line to recieve responsability for Alonis.  When Sir Celest married out of the nation, Mae was named regent of Alonis.

Sir Celest of the Northern Alliance

Sir Celest was the steward of Idaris and the Lady of Blackwood prior to her marraige to Karn of the Northern Alliance.  After her marraige the western Blackwood provence of Alonisis changed hands to Sir Celest's freind Maetsyn Onedea.  After a period of poor governance care of the provence was handed over to Solvo.  Maetsyn has since been removed from all leadership roles within Blackwood.

Kirkov Mezgraf aka Kirk holds the title of Cpt. Bitches The North Wind Rough Riding Pretty Pretty Princess, Archon of Blackwood, Esquire and resides in Alonis.

(Hopefully information on how he got these titles to come.)



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