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Simila Invades the Lands of Armend!

03/12/2013 15:53



The Kingdom of Simila has declared Jihad on the people of Armend, the goblinoid kind.  These people include, goblins, orcs, trolls, orgres, etc.  The war is being heralded as a holy war against infadels to spread the word of Sacra or Acra depending on who you talk to.  The unsuspecting target of the jihad had been invovled in a war of their own, a cival war, before the jihadist invasion began.  This made them vulnerable to outside attacks which has since made it rather easy for the armies of Simila to push deep into the lands of Armend before a retaliation could be mounted. 


Somewhat unexpectedly, the Empire of Tengoku launched a fleet of ships carrying an army of their own to the war zone with this to say:


Letter to the People of Arkendrose,

Malicious and evil acts have been committed by Lords Terák and Mordigen of Simila in the neutral lands of Armend the Kingdom of Fuzfur.  As was expected when I heard the news of the darkness befalling the innocent civilians of this recently invaded sovereign nation of Orc and Goblin kind, Simila under the personal banners of those two NEW BLOOD lords have violated the people.  We bore witness to Similans wronging, torturing, and killing innocent civilians in these lands.  as we stated before, we will not tolerate such heinous acts.  We will protect the innocent and we will NOT provide quarter to criminals and terrorists. 


Emperor of Tengoku




Photo used under Creative Commons from GGL1  © 2013 All rights reserved.

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