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Realmscraft Event! The Sacking of Whitewolf Keep

09/02/2013 15:48


The Sacking of White Wolf Keep.

 Date:  TBA

Time:  TBA

GM:  Gary Heinstrom


Description:  The Rebels destroyed all but one of the WhiteCoast cities.  When the faction sacked Tempest they lost most of their force leaving the town of CrestGrath to live and fight another day.  Years have passed since the Battle for Tempest and the Rebels are at it again.  Not far from CrestGrath is a lone keep owned by an eccentric by the name of Ajax.  The high walls of Whitewolf Keep anger the rebels.  Walls are a symbol of order white is not of the people of the Rebel Faction.  The first assault has already past yet the Keep still stands defiant against those who would see it toppled.  What will happen when the gathered might of the Rebels strikes again?


TIME Zones:  I live in Germany and there for am six hours ahead of everyone in the states.  I would like to plan the date and time of this event to suit the schedules of the greatest number of players possible.  What is good for you? Please email me at


Rules:  Players will have free reign to be as inventive “survival style” as they can within the limits of minecraft.  If there are any players who have the spells, Heal Limb, Raise Dead, Repair Armor, or any other number of spells including lightning bolt you may use them as you would at an actual Realms Event with one acceptation.  Heal Limb will have 10 uses because of its ease of use and total health effectiveness.  Below is a full explanation of these abilities and how they can be used in Realmscraft.

                Spell Name         Commands entered        Effect                                                    Who Can use it

  • Heal Limb:         /heal                               Heals caster to full health              Ops and Oped Players
  • Raise Dead:        /tphere <player name>    Brings player to you                        Ops and Oped Players
  • Repair:               /repair <item name>       Repairs item                                   Ops and Oped Players
  • Lightning Bolt:   /lightning                        Lightning strikes target                    Ops and Oped Players
  • (more to come)

Players wishing to be Oped for the battle may request so only for the use of their in character spells.  They are not permitted to use Op powers for anything else.   NOTE:  Ops can open Locked Chests.  If you are Oped and open a chest which says it is locked.  Close that chest and leave its contents inside as you are not meant to have access to that chest.


Caveat:  Siege Weapons can be built.  If a siege weapon has been created, the fire ball command, /fireball, can be used from the location of the siege weapon to simulate a large flaming projectile. 

Photo used under Creative Commons from GGL1  © 2013 All rights reserved.

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