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Current Realmscraft Builds

31/01/2013 21:19


  • The Library of CrestGrath (CrestGrath - Southern Wastes)-  Library work has resumed. 
  • Fort Shim, Empire of Coastaar- Work on the fort's main entrance and defences is ongoing.
  • Fort Shim, Empire of Coastaar, Temple of Obsidle- Temple construction is starting.
  • The City of Tempest, Old WhiteCoast (Southern Wastes)- Construction of this fallen city is ongoing.
  • New Verai Keep- The contruction of this old Realms nation is ongoing.
  • Blackwood- Land construction is ongoing. The City of Hemenshire and the provence of Alonis are under heavy construction.
  • Banecroft- Construction of the Tower of Banecroft is ongoing.  Construction of the Great North Road has begun.
  • Genova, Old WhiteCoast (Southern Wastes)- This town is near completion.
  • CrestGrath, Old WhiteCoast (Southern Wastes)- Updates to interiors pending.
  • And much more...

Photo used under Creative Commons from GGL1  © 2013 All rights reserved.

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