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Wein und Blut - House Perrez

Baron Lorenzo Federiko Perrez Angelo has recently died leaving the Barony to his wife Rosa Maria. I think...

Serrano and the Taverne Rote

From Selbion I traveled far to the west and through one of the many gates that can be found throughout the Far East.  On the other side of this gate was a vast network of lands and one of which I soon found my way into.  I entered the Fürstentum Terravino or the Principality of Terravino.  More specifically I found my way to the Barony of Serrano within Terravino.  The long travels required to traverse the Far East makes one considerably tired.  Luckily enough almost anywhere you go there is always a lively tavern.

The Asylum Guard

When I arrived at the Rote Taverne, or Red Tavern, it was nearly empty.  As the day wore on more travelers and traders started to trickle in.  At first it was slow but soon large groups of travels filled the Inn.  I played a game of Hnefatafl, or Tablut, with a pair of young travelers and then with a curious woman.  The games were interrupted by a commotion outside.  Those inside them tavern quickly vacated it to see what was the matter. 

What we found was a group of soldiers or guards from a somewhat nearby asylum for the insane and mentally afflicted.  From my understanding, they had grabbed a Serrano wine maker claiming that his mental illness warranted it.  They were dragging him away at the crying objections of his wife.  I was never one to be okay with bullies but more importantly I had been itching for a good fight.  That was a mistake for soon after I donned my helm and marched off to stop the guards I was shot by something others called a steinschutzer.  The weapons small ball went through my wooden shield and pierced my chain sending me to the ground.  Bad idea Dagger...

The Late Baron Lorenzo Federico Angelo Perrez of Serrano (Ghost)

I was luckily brought back inside the tavern, the small metal stone was removed and my wounds were tended to.  I meandered about the tavern for a while until the next event occurred.  The mage Encanto was one of the recent arrivals.  He had just arrived when the soldiers from the asylum showed up.  He was working some sort of magic that I, due to my injuries, was not aware of when suddenly there was a flash of energy and smoke.  When the smoke cleared the decease Baron Lorenzo Federico Angelo Perrez of Serrano had appeared.

The baron appeared in ghostly fashion and was not tangible at first.  As the day wore on he started to slow be able to interact with his surroundings and eventually he could even talk.  This could not be a good sign as dead people go one of three ways:  They stay dead, the come back to life normal, or they come back as undead.

The Shrine

Research on the part of those at the tavern prompted an excursion into the forest.  What we found there was a shrine.  According to those present, the shrine was something belonging to a cult, of which I had read about, that is not legal in the lands of Terravio.  The people of Serrano worship the four elements:  Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire.  This cult does not.  The mage Encano worked his magic on the shrine as a means to learn from it.  At the completion of one of his spells he doubled over in pain and spit up blood.  He was not upset by this effect.  I only assumed he learned what he needed to.

The examining of the shrine lasted a while.  I waited around in hopes of learning something but felt little knowledge was present that I could easily understand.  Eventually the group left for the tavern and I followed.  As we neared the tavern we found bones among a small grove of trees.  This was a curious find but I found it to be… uneventful.  I returned to the tavern for another round of Serrano´s famous wine.

Back at the Tavern - The Return of the Asylum

Back at the tavern the situation was more or less beyond me.  I spend much of my time drinking, gambling and talking.  Meanwhile people like Encanto, Gentiana, and Sibel were hard at work trying to figure out what was going on and why it was happening.  I just wanted to hit something.  Though the lands of the Far East are hostile and seemingly uncivilized, I could not seem to find many good fights to be had.  Later, as the sun started to set, I thought I found my chance.

In the middle of a game I was interrupted by whispers of a commotion outside.  I finished the game by losing and grabbed my helm, shield, and sword and rushed out of the tavern to see what was to be seen.  The asylum soldiers had returned but this time things were different.  They may not have had a “stein schutzer” but they had something else.  They had a woman, possibly the wife of the wine maker, with a knife to her throat. 

I wanted to fight but the situation did not present that possibility without risking the woman´s life.  If Terravino had been the Realms, I would have taken the risk.  Instead I hesitated in hopes of forming a plan with Ellen.  Before I got her to use her spear to strike at an opening I saw the rest of the group of travels found their own opening.  In less than a second, one of the travelers had the knife arm of the asylum guard firmly held still while others disarmed him.  My guess is Encanto worked some sort of magic to grant the travelers the opportunity to act in the defense of the woman.

Chaos broke out as the asylum guards, heavily outnumbered, broke and tried to run.  I was faster and cut one down by slashing him in the leg.  I was about to sacrifice the soldier to the Void when the writer woman Sibel shoulder checked me away.  I was of course angry but to confront popular opinion on the subject when I was surly alone in my ideas was a poor choice.  I stayed my blade.

It was a while before I sent for the doctor to tend the injured asylum guard’s wounds.  I must of waited too long because the doctor declared the soldier dead.  I wasted no time making immediate preparations to send the freshly dead guard’s soul to the Void.  I paid a nearby traveler two Realms silver to help me “dispose” of the body.  We dragged him away from the tavern and I performed my rites to the Void.

The Coming of the Dead

That was the last incident with the asylum guards.  Shortly after the altercation soldiers from Serrano arrived to keep the peace.  The night calmed down considerably.  I drank and ate what was offered by the tavern.  The food was decent and the drink was better.  Serrano wine is award winning wine after all.  I also too this quite time to question the travelers about the Sons of the Crescent.  Again none knew what it was I spoke of.  

The ghost of the late baron was also becoming more and more disturbing.  The baron often reverted into himself and seeming became possessed by some inner demons.  When he did this he started to eat himself.  This was particularly disturbing for more than just grotesque reasons.  I believed that the late baron’s worsening afflictions prelude to what was next to come. 

As the night wore on the tavern was suddenly attacked by a horde of undead.  My experiences with the undead of the Far East had been less then enjoyable up until that point.  This attack was worse than those I had previously encountered.  These appeared to be some sort of skeletons and a ghoul.  I believe I have a death wish.  I, for some reason since I arrived in the Far East, have always gone after the strongest of my opponents first.  I fought the skeletal beasts as they came near enough to me but the whole battle I was hunting the ghoul.  We met the first time near the entrance to the tavern.  I tried to call upon the Void as I had done with the Blood Witch in Selbion but the ghoul did not give me the chance.  It rushed me with powerful claws and tore at my chain. 

The ghoul retreated from the conflict.  I went searching for it.  I found it again near the small grove of trees but without the proper support of numbers I had no chance against it.  I decided to bide my time until it came again closer to the tavern.  My time came during a large attack of these undead.  I was not so luck as I had been.  It charged me.  In frenzy, the ghoul tore through my armor and into my flesh.

The Disease

My memory gets fuzzy at this point.  I assume that was due to the pain.  I remember screaming and being perhaps dragged.  I remember the doctor.  He cleaned my wounds, which made them hurt more, and stabbed me with a pointy metal thing.  I am not sure what it is called but apparently it closes wounds. 

After a while my thoughts started to clear.  The doctor was still around so I thanked him for the help.  Just when I started to think everything was going to be normal again the deepest of my wounds started to burn.  The pain was enough to give me pause.  I mentioned it to one of the tavern patron / travelers only to learn that I had been afflicted with a disease. 

Back in the Realms a disease would not have been a problem.  I could use a cure disease spell for example.  To my despair Serrano and Terravino are not the Realms.  Magic works differently in these places.  According to Encanto, complicated Alchemy is required for these types of afflictions.  As the pain got worse I asked around to find out what I could about a potential cure. 

I learned that I was but one of four who had contracted the disease from the ghoul.  According to the travelers, the traveling alchemist needed but one more ingredient, a special holy water.  I asked where the water could be found or how to get it.  I was told that a water elemental of sorts protected the water we required and to get it required a willing sacrifice.  I thought that terribly inconvenient considering most people did not want to die.

My situation got worse as the burning feeling intensified and spread throughout my arm.  I also started to develop a strong hunger for meat:  raw meat.  I followed one of the other diseased folk outside; he seemed to have some sort of plan.  He told me he was going into the forest to hunt some real meat.  I told him I would follow and went back to the tavern to retrieve my cloak. 

When I came back outside the other diseased man lay on the ground not moving.  I asked the two people that were standing over them what happened but I cannot recall their answer.  The next thing I remember is a lust for meat:  then all went black.  Next I knew I was tied to a chair back inside the tavern.  My lust for meant had grown even more.

Again my memory grows fuzzy at this point.  My thoughts drifted through spurts of hunger to rage against those who seemingly would not help me and finally to cold resignation of what would become my fate.  Soon I would be dead and that would be the end of it.  Then the unexpected happened.  Gentiana sacrificed herself to the cause of the cure. 

I drank back the potion which slowly cured the disease.  The painful burning began to recede.  The Lust for flesh was back to normal levels.  All was soon normal again. 

Prominent People Met

Encanto (Magia / Mage)  -  The most valiable person as far as my eyes could see. 

Gentiana (Druidin/Druid) – Saved my life, and others, by sacrificing herself to the Water Elemental to acquire the holy water required for an alchemical cure to a ghoul affliction.  She was also part of a ritual to bring about some sort of natural spirit that I was apparently not supposed to attack…

Sibel (Actuarin) – A writer of woman´s history, collector of knowledge, and, if memory serves me right, also a healer of sorts or perhaps an amateur alchemist.

Sibel is the woman wearing the heavy coat of earth tones with the heavy green sash and a hat.

Doctor Rolo Hoiatio Umemikeio Schiöftenbeck (Feldscher /Field Surgeon?) -  This man saved my life after the ghoul got the best of me but his saving of me was only temporary as the disease was it afflicted was just starting to set in. 

The doctor stands behind the cluster with his arms crossed.

Ellen Ditelbach (Waldläferin und vieles mehr/Ranger and other stuff) - This was a nice armored woman whom I did my best to instruct on the proper use of a spear.  Though her flawed combat instinct kicked in when we were overrun by undead late into the night.

Erlic Falkenhand (Locksmith) – He was ever present but I never knew his intentions.

Photo used under Creative Commons from GGL1  © 2013 All rights reserved.

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