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Welcome to The Arkendrose Fury HUB

Welcome the World of Arkendrose.  Here we are archiving information, history, resources, and news from the World of Arkendrose and many other fantasy worlds that are, or have been, connected to it in some way. 


Current Arkendrose related projects

  • Whitecoast Role Play:  Whitecoast was once a proud nation in the Realms.  It fell after the mysterious vanishing of its leader Galleos Seaelf.  The only problem for us is, how did that happen?  Now with the new Whitecoast RP project we will play out the fall of Whitecoast and learn exactly what happened in those final days of the Land and Sea Pact.
  • Arkendrose through Crimson Ingot: Various stories are being run on this PvP/RP Minecraft server.
  • Realmscraft (Minecraft) project (Project is currently cancled though the data is reported saved):  As the role playing world Arkendrose is connected to the LARP world known as The Realms, we are currently engaged in the Realmscraft Project. 
  • Blackwood Page:  The nation of Blackwood has been in the Realms Combative LARP for many years.  Here is a look into who and what they are.
  • The Library of CrestGrath:  This is an IC library of information collected by Dagger Arkenstone of Blackwood.  It is located in the Town of CrestGrath, the library's namesake, deep in the SouthernWastes.


30/06/2016 15:34

Update to Stuttgart LARPer. NEW TRAINING ADDED!

Training is one again happening in Stuttgart but more importantly a new site has been added. ...
07/09/2015 15:07

NEW Whitecoast Roleplay (Realms)

Contacts have been made, a Facebook groupe started, a space set up for the roleplay and more in the...
21/08/2015 11:12

Realmscraft Shutdown Announcement

ANNOUNCEMENT The server has been shut down due to lack of activity.  All of the work done has...

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