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30/11/2018 10:48

Site Migration!

We are currently migrating all content to!   This website has become outdated and obsolete.  We hope you enjoy our new format with fresh content. 
05/04/2018 11:03

Neu Training beim STUGGARTLarper

Im neuen Jahr gibt es neu  Training Möglischkeiten.  Besuche die Seite für die Dateils!
30/06/2016 15:34

Update to Stuttgart LARPer. NEW TRAINING ADDED!

Training is one again happening in Stuttgart but more importantly a new site has been added.  The Rosenhof offers two hours or so of stiff training as well as a meeting with like minded people in an optimal training environment.
09/10/2015 10:14

WhiteCoast RPG Website

To enter the other site:
07/09/2015 15:07

NEW Whitecoast Roleplay (Realms)

Contacts have been made, a Facebook groupe started, a space set up for the roleplay and more in the works for the new Whitecoast roleplay.  This project will take us from the time of the Fall of Whitecoast and beyond.  All the questions that were left unanswered during the Land and Sea...
02/09/2015 22:22

The Fall of Whitecoast!

The Fall of Whitecoast!The last year of the Nation of before the fall Whitecoast fields a sizable army for the Realms renown Queen of Hearts tournament.  (Text Test)
21/08/2015 11:12

Realmscraft Shutdown Announcement

ANNOUNCEMENT The server has been shut down due to lack of activity.  All of the work done has been saved.  (Data access information pending)    
04/05/2014 19:39

NEW Realmscraft Resource Pack for Download!

Go here and give the new HD highly detailed Realmscraft Reasource Pack a try:
03/12/2013 15:53

Simila Invades the Lands of Armend!

Arkendrosian   The Kingdom of Simila has declared Jihad on the people of Armend, the goblinoid kind.  These people include, goblins, orcs, trolls, orgres, etc.  The war is being heralded as a holy war against infadels to spread the word of Sacra or Acra depending on who you talk...

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